SS saffron is a company trying to save diminishing saffron cultivation in Kashmir,the brand plans to accomplish this by selling traditionally grown saffron right from farmers of Kashmir to the main stream market eliminating the long chain of supply management 

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SS Kashmiri saffron is of superior quality because of the higher concentration of crocin, a carotenoid pigment that gives saffron its colour and medicinal value. Its crocin content is 8.72%



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“SS Kashmiri saffron is recognizable by its dark maroon-purple hue. It is among the world’s darkest, which hints at strong flavor, aroma and coloring effect,” 



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The unique characteristics of SS Kashmir saffron are its longer and thicker stigmas, natural deep-red color, high aroma, bitter flavor, chemical-free processing, and high quantity of crocin (coloring strength), safranal (flavour) and picrocrocin (bitterness).



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SS Kashmiri saffron is the only saffron in the world grown at an altitude of 1,600 m to 1,800 m AMSL (above mean sea level), which adds to its uniqueness and differentiates it from other saffron varieties available the world over.



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The health benefits of SS kashmiri Saffron are manifold, from helping in the treatment of cold and fever to aiding the process of learning and memory retention. It is no surprise that the aromatic and flavourful spice is a must-have in the kitchen,



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20 Gram

Grown in the plains of the Kashmir valley, SS Saffron is a flower more valuable than gold. Its scientific name is Crocus sativus but the world knows it simply as ‘saffron’ – each flower yielding just five strands of the world’s most expensive spice.


₹ 7000

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SS saffron is “organic saffron” which is cultivated for optimum quality in Pampore Kashmir, one of the world's acknowledged ‘clean’ environments, without any chemical fertilisers 
Saffron has recently been scientifically proven to provide a host of health benefits, and our product contains absolutely no additives at all. For a full comprehensive study of the health, benefits pls check health benefit section 

SS saffron is “Category A 1” grade and

It produces intense flavour, colour and aroma and only contains the stigma. No adulteration in any form 
Only a small amount of SS saffron is required to flavour a dish.

For example, 1-gram is more than sufficient to flavour, colour and add aroma to up to 5 kilos of dry white rice.


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