Idea behind "SS saffron"


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It started back in the year 2009 during founder's visit to Kashmir, where he came across saffron farmers with small land holding who were unable to sell the product directly to the customers, so in helplessness, they had to sell it to middlemen who brought the product to the customers. But till then the product was adulterated with corn hairs or fibre threads mixed with saffron to earn more money by increasing the weight of saffron.So unknowingly customers were paying for corn hairs and fibre thread instead of saffron and farmers, sold their product at cheaper rates to this middle men. So who was in profit ? Was it the farmer or the customer? No, it was only the middlemen.


So some common platform was needed to serve this purpose where both the farmer and the customer is benefitted. So brand SS saffron came into existence where any small farmer can sell their 100% pure saffron directly to the customer, and so the customer is benefited the most. It took almost 6 years to bring this idea into existence with a mission of providing customer 100 % pure saffron directly from the saffron fields of kashmir.


With a Vision to make the brand a world leader in the field of spices. That is what we promise to customer- purity which comes from the faith of thousands of small farmers in the brand "SS saffron".



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