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Freshness of saffron can be recognised from its dark red colour which is sign of current year crop as the saffron ages it loses its dark red colour which comes from cocin the only chemical compound present in saffron which is responsible for dark red colour of saffron as the saffron ages cocin is converted to another natural chemical known as safranal which is responsible for  aroma of saffron .

“so the fresher the saffron darker the colour”.  “Older the saffron lesser the darkness of red colour “

When purchasing saffron from us be rest assured about freshness as we sell only current year crop with darkest red colour which can be tested with any test known for saffron testing around the wourld.


Quality of saffron

The quality of saffron can be recognised from its colouring capacity and aroma, saffron which has decent colouring capabilities and has a pleasant aroma is quality saffron.

Saffron's colouring capabilities come from the red portion of the saffron threads so good quality saffron can be defined as saffron which is dark red in colour with a decent earthy aroma

So when you open our saffron container what you should smell is the earthy aroma of saffron and only dark red saffron thread no yellow or violet plant parts mixed with it.

So you as our privileged  customer can gauge the above quality test or any quality test to our SS saffron brand, we assure you our brand will full fill all your quality expectation


Purity of saffron

Pure saffron contains only the stigma of the Crocus flower with nothing else added.

Pure saffron contains only the red stigma of the Crocus flower with nothing else added.

 Pure saffron strands composed of red and yellow portions of the stigma are less potent than the pure saffron composed entirely of the red portions of the stigma.

But we at ss saffron take that extra effort in finely separating red stigma from its yellow part so that customer pay only for pure part of saffron that is red stigma and not the yellow part which only increases weight and  do not add any value in aroma nor colour.

we make sure that in the entire process starting from flower picking to pulling of stigma, separating the red portion of stigma from yellow, or drying .Everything is manually done for making it error free as only human can recognise purity and impurity in the form of separating it from another flower part .so that customer get Saffron in purest form that’s only red stigma and nothing else “no purple, white or yellow “flower part mixed with red stigma of saffron.


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